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The Women features long-form interviews with agents of change. Host Rose Reid launches weekly show in the fall of 2019 with iHeart Media.

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In 2017, rapper Meek Mill went to prison for riding a bike on one wheel. Rose Reid and her team investigated the case; they spoke to Meek while in prison, visited his family & friends, and interviewed more than 40 people connected to his life and case.

What started out as a podcast about one man’s story evolved into an Amazon docuseries about the Philadelphia criminal justice system and what is the cost of freedom in the United States.


Rose Reid collaborates with her mom Gail on Details Please.

They get Mel Brooks on the phone, and dig into music nostalgia with the Indigo Girls, and have their first #MeToo convo on mic.

Total Refresh is a podcast made by and for Coca Cola employees. Rose collaborated with FRQNCY MEDIA and Coca-Cola North America.

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EY’s The Better Question Podcast is a thought-provoking series on the future of economics, exploring topics critical to the CEO. Produced in collaboration with legacy brand Ernst & Young.

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In collaboration with the founder and CEO of LIVELY, Michelle Cordiero Grant. Michelle left the male-dominated scene of Victoria’s Secret to launch her own leisureé company, and with Arc Creative, she is now turning the tables on other CEOs and founders who took a leap.

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Prince Street is a monthly show about food and the people who love to eat and make it.

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Science Vs is a weekly podcast by Gimlet Media that examines the latest fads, trends, and internet obsessions, and replaces them with science. With topical episodes ranging from DNA tests to CBD to ancient aliens, you don’t have to be a science junkie to tune in.

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Sampler is a podcast about podcasts. Host Brittany Luse, along with a guest host each week, explores the ever-expanding world of podcasters and podcasting, and highlights some of the best moments from podcast across the internet.