Who is Meek Mill?

Meet Meek Mill is the most prominent rapper of a generation to emerge from Philly, and is one of America’s most famous parolees.

Tell me more...

He was initially a battle rapper and rose from the streets of south Philly to hip hop royalty, all while on probation. When Meek was a teenager, he was convicted of possession of a gun. Ten years later he remains, to this day, on probation.

Why does his case matter?

Meek's original case showcases the failings - and corruption - that has rotted the Philadelphia criminal justice system - from lying cops, to a complicit and harsh district attorney, to a vindictive judge.

When can I hear this?

In 2019, A.R.C., in a co-production with the Intellectual Property Corp., will release a podcast featuring the Philadelphia criminal justice system through the lens of rapper Meek Mill, in tandem with the Amazon/Tidal video docuseries