Custom ads? Isn't all advertising the same?

No. Traditional internet and banner advertising has a click through rate of just 0.06% which means your banner ad is unlikely to get more than one click per three hundred impressions! Frankly, you're throwing good money after bad.

Podcast advertising changes this. The best and most compelling podcast ads, draw on the authentic appeal of show hosts.

How is podcasting different then?

Podcasts offer unrivaled access to consumers. Dedicated audiences trust their hosts, listening intently to curated 30-90 second spots that have resulted in over 60% of listeners purchasing a product advertised on a podcast.

Arc believes that ads do not have to be an interruption for the listener; that your ad, read live by listener’s trusted and favorite hosts can fit seamlessly into their listening experience.

Ok. How does Arc fit in to all this then?

Arc can be your dedicated creative and production team to work hand in hand with a show's host and producer to make a fun and compelling 30 - 60 - 90 second spot that keeps the listener immersed in the listening experience of their favorite podcast.

Go on....

We tailor our services to suit your product needs, allowing us to work in several ways - either directly with the network sales team for network-wide ads, or one one one with carefully selected shows.



Sample Ads (Approx 1 min each):

Branded Episodes:

Branded Documentary & Video Content: